2 Essential Pieces of Gardening Equipment To Hire For Your Garden Overhaul

If your garden has become overgrown and neglected then you may be considering giving it an overhaul. Removing dead trees and plants, trimming back hedges and foliage, and clearing out garden beds that are overrun with weeds are all tasks that you'll probably need to undertake.

These tasks can transform a garden, creating a tidy and enlarged space out of what was once cluttered, rangy, and unsightly. However, with this transformation also comes green waste. Even a small garden can produce a lot of waste that will need to be disposed of and a larger area may produce a mountain of branches, weeds and foliage.

Disposing of the green waste from your garden can be an arduous task if you don't have the right equipment. Here are the two vital pieces of gardening equipment that will ensure your garden transformation runs smoothly.

1. A green waste bin

Most skip bin hire companies offer dedicated green waste bins as well as regular household waste bins. These bins can be delivered to your home and removed once you've filled them up with your green waste. Green waste bins will save you time and labour by removing the need for any double-handling of green waste as it can be delivered directly to the bin as you remove it from the garden.

Most light-weight garden refuse can be disposed of in a green waste bin. This includes weeds, small branches, grass cuttings, flowers, leaves and twigs. Larger green waste, such as large branches and tree stumps, or non-green garden waste such as building materials, aren't suitable for this type of bin. You may need to hire a general waste bin as well if there is a large amount of other waste products to be disposed of.

2. A portable wood chipper

The removal of dead or damaged trees, large branches and tree stumps may also be necessary for your garden transformation. These heavy green waste products can be difficult and costly to remove and dispose of. Hiring a small, portable wood chipper is an inexpensive and convenient way to deal with these items.

Branches can generally be fed directly into the wood chipper. Larger branches, trees and tree stumps will need to be cut down to size using an axe or a chainsaw before being chipped. Using a portable wood chipper will save you time and money and has the added benefit of producing valuable wood chips. These can be used in your garden as mulch in garden beds or to line pathways.

These two pieces of gardening equipment should be considered essential when undertaking a garden overhaul. They'll save you time and money and will also save you many hours of hard work.