Three Desirable Characteristics of Sandy Soil That Are Beneficial to Your Garden

Many people consider sandy soil to have unfavorable properties when it comes to gardening. However, this is not always the case. When mixed with clay soil, organic matter and enough nutrients, it's the perfect soil for gardening, as it allows water to flow deep into the soil structure, penetrate the roots, aerate the soil and, most importantly, help your garden look good due to its unique appearance. Below are three desirable characteristics of sandy soil that will not only give your garden a unique look but also increase the productivity of your flowers and vegetables.

1. Loose Soil Structure

Sandy soil has a loose soil structure that allows water to flow through it easily. This means that sandy soil can make a good top covering for your garden, as it will not affect the flow of water to the roots of your plant. In addition, the loose soil structure allows the roots of your plants to grow deeper into the soil, giving them support and allowing them to obtain naturally occurring nutrients and water deep down the earth. This is important for plants with deep roots, as they will reduce the attention you need to provide to your garden over time. Due to their large particles and loose soil structure, having a garden with sandy soil makes it easy to weed. The loose soil structure reduces the efforts needed to penetrate, which makes it easy to weed, unlike other soils such as clay.

2. Large Particles

Sandy soil, unlike most of the soil types, has large particles and air pockets. These particles allow water to freely flow within them. If your garden is in a flat area with poor drainage and adequate water supply (rainfall), sandy soil will be perfect for it. This is because it will allow water to drain easily, preventing pools of water from forming next to your house. 

3. Unique Color and Texture

Sandy soil has a unique bright color and rough texture. If your garden is dull — such as having black cotton soil — and you would love to give it some life, you can consider adding sandy soil due to its attractive feature. Sandy soil can act as a good top dressing for your garden, as your flowers and vegetables are able to thrive in your garden since the sandy soil on the top will allow nutrients, water and air down into the main soil easily.

When correctly mixed with nutrients, clay soil and lime, sandy soil can act as a perfect fertile soil type for your garden. Therefore, talk with a local sand supplier for more information on its uses and advantages to get the most out of your home garden.