3 Key Instances to Hire Mulch Delivery Services

You need to nourish and protect the plants and trees on your property if you want an aesthetically-appealing lawn. Mulch provides the necessary coverage around trees, shrubs, and garden flowers, keeping them green and lush. Some people prefer making their mulch, especially if they own a tree shredder. However, DIY mulch production efforts do no work at times, and mulch delivery can be a better option. Here are instances when mulch delivery can save your lawn.

Winter Season

In summer, you can walk around your neighbourhood and find dead trees or dry barks, which you can shred to produce mulch. However, the task becomes much more difficult as winter approaches. Besides, winter can be harsh on plants; therefore, you need as much mulch as possible to provide adequate insulation. Even if you can find a few dead branches outside, you cannot make enough mulch to insulate your trees and flowers. Nonetheless, mulch delivery services can match your needs all year round.

Landscape Aesthetic Needs 

Most people think that mulch is only used to keep plants healthy. However, mulch can achieve more, and homeowners have recently discovered its role in enhancing curb appeal. Modest upgrades can go a long way in improving landscape aesthetics. You do not have to spend money on expensive tiles or kerbing to achieve the desired aesthetics because the right choice of mulch is just as effective. However, it is challenging to make mulch that matches your property's hardscape. Conversely, mulch delivery services can supply you with dyed mulch to meet your aesthetic needs. For example, red mulch is made by dying wood bark with iron oxide. Similarly, black mulch is dyed with carbon. Therefore, it is easy to enhance your landscape's aesthetics by engaging mulch delivery services than making your own.

Termites Problem

Termites mainly feed on rotting wood, including trees. As such, you should not be surprised when you notice the insects in the mulch you laid a couple of days ago. The reason is that termites are drawn to certain types of wood, and if you live in a termite prone zone, you need to think twice before starting to make your mulch. For instance, termites favour mulch made from cypress sapwood, loblolly pine, and slash pine. However, the pests avoid mulch made from melaleuca or eucalyptus because of toxic resins. Luckily, delivery services understand the variables and can supply termite-resistant mulch products.

For more information about mulch delivery, contact a local gardening business that offers this service.