Benefits of Crushed Rock Mulch

Mulch plays protective and functional roles in your garden while adding to its aesthetics. With the vast range of different textures and materials on offer, it can be challenging to know which to choose. One possibility is pebbles or crushed stone. Here are some benefits of using this kind of mulch.

Has Low Maintenance

Organic mulches decompose and thus require you to replace the covering every year or so to keep your garden looking fresh. Pebbles, though, don't decay, so once you lay the mulch, it will last much longer. Additionally, because stones don't rot, they're resistant to fungi and mould. Being heavier than many other types of mulch also, they don't get carried away by gusts of wind.

Stops Weeds And Retains Moisture

Crushed stone helps to prevent weeds so you can spend more time admiring your garden and less time working at routine tasks. Crushed stone also absorbs moisture and stops the earth from drying out.

Helps Prevent Runoff

If your garden beds are on sloping terrain, they can suffer from soil degradation as rainwater runs downwards, lifting topsoil and nutrients on the way. Pebbles absorb and trap water, helping to prevent erosion of your garden beds.

Is Non-Flammable

Gardens around your home are beautiful, surrounding it with a calming natural environment. However, they can present a danger if you live in a bushfire-prone region. Some mulches are flammable, and this can add to the threat. Pebbles, however, are fire-resistant and thus will help to create a safer garden.

Discourages Digging From Pets And Wildlife

Gravel mulch discourages cats, dogs and wildlife from digging up your beautiful garden beds. Not only will you enhance your garden by choosing colourful stones in your next mulch delivery, but you will provide extra protection.

Variety Of Colours And Shapes

River rock and gravel bring beauty to your garden. They come in a dazzling array of shapes and colours. Ranging from the size of a pea to a golf ball, they often originate from river beds. Pink, mauve, red, black or cream are just some of the limitless hues you can choose. Create a monotone look with pebbles in similar shades, or mix and max tans, whites and blues for variety. Species include quartz, river rock, pea gravel and crushed granite.

Harmonise the mulch with architecture, stone pavers or other features. Because of the variety of rock types, textures, sizes, colours and shapes, you'll have plenty of options to create a decorative and functional mulch.

Reap the benefits of crushed rock mulch with mulch delivery.