Be Sure to Avoid These Mistakes When Buying a New Lawnmower

A lawnmower should be considered an investment in the upkeep of your lawn, and isn't a purchase that you should make too hastily. A mower should work well for the type of grass that grows on your property, and should be the right size for your lawn, while also being able to fit in your garage or storage shed. You also want something you can handle easily! Note a few common mistakes you should avoid when buying a new lawnmower, so you know you get the best choice for your property and are happy with that choice for years to come.

Safety and view

Don't make the mistake of overlooking your own safety when choosing a mower. If your lawn is very hilly, or you tend to cut the grass while it's still wet from morning dew, you may be at a higher risk for slipping under a push mower. A riding mower can be a safer choice in these cases, as being seated above the mower will eliminate the risk that you slip on wet grass and slide under the mower. This also means that the mower won't get away from you as you go up and down hills. If you do choose a riding mower, be sure you can easily see over the cutting deck, so you can note any obstacles in your way as you mow.


The cutting power of mowers is not all alike; if your lawn has lots of crabgrass and thick weeds, invest in a mower with thicker blades and a stronger motor that will help push through that thick lawn. However, if you have a lawn with nothing but soft grass, an overpowered mower may cut it too bluntly and actually damage those delicate blades.

Cutting deck

The cutting deck refers to the width of the blades under the mower frame, not the mower body itself. Never try to save money by choosing a small cutting deck if you have a large yard; not only will you take more time to mow, but this also means more wear and tear on the blades and motor! Your mower may wear out and need repair much faster if the cutting deck is undersized for the lawn.

On the other hand, don't choose an oversized mower for a small yard, thinking you'll make quick work of mowing. An oversized mower can mean not being able to manoeuvre around trees, a shed, and other obstacles. Opt for a moderately sized mower that fits your lawn size for best results.