Vertical Gardening Tips: How to Select the Right Potting Soil for Your Plants

Containerised vertical garden systems provide an easy gardening solution to homeowners who don't have adequate gardening space on their yard. Planting in pots allows you to change plants easily and move them to different positions as the need arises. What's more, you achieve your gardening targets without using up much of the space in your yard. However, successful containerised gardening requires you to get the right soil for your plants. This will promote growth and increase the yield of the plants. Below are some tips on how you can find the best soil to develop your containerised vertical garden.

Go for potting soil 

Not all kinds of soil out there are suitable for potted plants. Most of the soils used in the ordinary gardens are too dense for use in containers. If you use them on potted plants, they can increase the risk of root rot and cause your plants to die. Potting soil or potting mix is specially mixed for use in containers. It is less dense as compared to the standard soil, and this allows it to support plant roots and promote growth. Additionally, most soil suppliers also add peat moss to the soil to lighten it, increase aeration, and improve the water retention properties. As you shop for the best soil, make sure that what you choose is labelled as "potting soil."

Check for organic nutrients

Potting soil needs to be of high quality so that it can promote the growth of your plants. Quality here refers to the soil's ingredients. Potting soil is mixed with other ingredients to improve its value and nutritional content. Look for elements such as peat moss which, as aforementioned, increase the aeration and water retention capabilities of the soil. Also, make sure that it contains organic compost. Other nutrients that are essential in potting soil are those from fish and seaweed meal, earthworm castings and added microbes.

Invest in fertilizer

Store-bought soil may not always contain all the necessary nutrients to increase plant yield. For example, plants like tomatoes and other vegetables may require more nutrients as compared to potted flowers. Therefore, as you buy soil, get some granular fertilizer as well to improve the nutritional value of the soil. Ask your soil supplier about the best fertilizer to buy based on the kind of plants that you want to grow. Also, learn how to add the fertilizer to the soil to improve its potency.

Buying quality soil is the key to developing a healthy containerised garden. Talk to an expert if you are having trouble finding the best soil for your vertical garden.