Benefits of Crushed Rock Mulch

Mulch plays protective and functional roles in your garden while adding to its aesthetics. With the vast range of different textures and materials on offer, it can be challenging to know which to choose. One possibility is pebbles or crushed stone. Here are some benefits of using this kind of mulch. Has Low Maintenance Organic mulches decompose and thus require you to replace the covering every year or so to keep your garden looking fresh.

Three Desirable Characteristics of Sandy Soil That Are Beneficial to Your Garden

Many people consider sandy soil to have unfavorable properties when it comes to gardening. However, this is not always the case. When mixed with clay soil, organic matter and enough nutrients, it's the perfect soil for gardening, as it allows water to flow deep into the soil structure, penetrate the roots, aerate the soil and, most importantly, help your garden look good due to its unique appearance. Below are three desirable characteristics of sandy soil that will not only give your garden a unique look but also increase the productivity of your flowers and vegetables.